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Meet a Musician/ACCENT Series

FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra is excited to announce our roster of musicians for this season’s series, which begins on November 1st, 2018 with Charles Lazarus sharing his talents as both a classical and a jazz artist.  Our opening ACCENT will include an extra hour of entertainment: Charles and his three-piece jazz band perform for us until 9 PM.  

This year’s ACCENT series was created to coordinate with the themes and programming of the Minnesota Orchestra and based on suggestions from the many FRIENDS members who graciously responded to our Future of ACCENT online survey last Spring.  

Highlights of the survey:

  • Most of you gave us permission to raise our ticket price, voting to have ACCENT programs become entirely self-sustaining and no longer require subsidizing from FRIENDS’ fundraising efforts (more money can thus go to our Kinder Konzerts programs). The new ticket price is $45 and will cover ACCENT costs fully; we agree with Members who told us that ACCENT remains the “best deal in town” for great company, a lovely setting, happy hour, buffet dinner, and most of all, very special entertainment  You voted to change the start time to 6 PM (instead of 5:30 PM) to give everyone more time to commute.
  • You either wanted ACCENT programs to be held at Orchestra Hall or you were open to either Orchestra Hall or HGA/the Ford Building as a venue. So this year, we are holding three of the four programs at Orchestra Hall and one at HGA.
  • All of the artists we are presenting this season were suggested by one or more FRIENDS Members (and we like your recommendations!)

PLEASE NOTE:  because attendance is purposefully limited to preserve the intimacy of these events, we encourage you to consider purchasing the entire series this Fall:  only 125 series tickets are available and will be sold on a first-come basis, with FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra members given priority in terms of awarding series tickets.

We look forward to having you join us for the entire ACCENT season!  

Are you new to Meet a Musician/ACCENT?  Welcome!  You should know that our events combine the company of other Twin Cities classical music lovers, wine and beer, and an enticing buffet with the opportunity to get to know musicians from the Minnesota Orchestra on a more individual, informal basis.  Throughout the season we are pleased to host members of the Orchestra for each ACCENT event – and for this season, we welcome Libby Larsen, a prominent internationally-known composer who just happens to live in the Twin Cities.  

We leave it up to our guests to decide on their musical programs, but typically they demonstrate their instruments, provide historical insights, discuss details of their approach and training, and of course share personal stories and anecdotes of their careers and travels with the Orchestra (this year, to the BBC Proms and Africa). Programs end with performances of pieces they’ve prepared for us – sometimes classical, sometimes modern, sometimes with their bands joining them, but always special.

Tickets include a wine or beer voucher, an elegant catered buffet dinner, the musical presentation, and delightful conversation about music.  

Come take advantage of a very unique opportunity to get closer to our Minnesota Orchestra!

Purchase Individual ACCENT Tickets

March 7th, 6pm
HGA (Ford Building)
Libby Larsen, Composer

April 4th, 6pm
Orchestra Hall
Susie Park, First Violin

June 6th, 6pm
Orchestra Hall
(Veranda, Weather Permitting)

Timothy Zavadil, Clarinet

Later joined by M.O.B. (Minnesota Orchestra Band)

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