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FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra is guided by our Board of Directors and Office Staff. Members interested in serving on the Board of Directors or recommending a member for the Board should contact the FRIENDS office at or (612) 371-5694.

Mary Ella Pratte, President
Cindy Olmanson, President-Elect
Irene Suddard, Treasurer
Vicki Brunsvold, Secretary
Carol Bossman, Director at Large
Vicki Bunker, Director at Large
Deb Dillaway, Director at Large
Ludmila (Mila) Eklund, Director of Development
Lauren Fichtel, Director of Membership
Wade Hauser, Director at Large
Nick Koch, Director at Large
Angela (Ang) McKeand, Director of Marketing/Communications
Becky Odland, Director at Large
Melissa Ousley, Director of Marketing/Communications
Lisa Roehl, Director of Education
Sheri Tamte, Director of Education
Kathy Vigil, Director at Large
Pamela Arnstein, Musician Liaison
Joanna Cortright, Education Advisor
Katherine Galligan, Marketing/Communications Advisor and Meet A Musician/ACCENT Program Chair
Steve Lahm, IT Advisor
Nan Nelson, Kinder Konzerts Advisor

Ann Lahm, Lead Administrator
Jenni Salomon, Administrative Assistant

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